Our wires only solution will provide an already SIP enabled PBX with SIP trunks to carry inbound and outbound calls over the IP infrastructure for breakout to the PSTN from within our core network.

The Wires Only solution will benefit from the cost saving advantages over traditional ISDN channels, and the improved tariff from our core network, but will not provide the management that the SIPPort Exchange used with the Managed Service solution will. Advanced call routing and fail over to backup ISDN will be down to the capabilities of the PBX.

  • Fully managed, end-to-end support
  • Remote monitoring – the SIPPort exchange acts like a virtual engineer offering full remote access and diagnosis for site based equipment 24/7
  • Site to site VPN via ISDN over IP protocol on sites
  • Live call monitoring – SIPPort can view calls as they are being dialled and track issues in real time
  • Easy transition to SIP using existing hardware
  • Backed by an SLA guaranteeing call quality and service delivery
Secure Environment

Within the CORETX network are the SIP Switches which provide the gateway for the SIP Trunk to the PSTN. The SIP Switches are protected by high availability Session Border Controller's (SBC's). The SBC's are configured to ensure constant access to the IP core is available and performs the required access and control functions by tightly integrating session signalling and media control.

The SBC's control – sessions, routing, signalling and media directing as well as Quality of Service (QoS) plus management reporting. In addition, the SBC's provide protection against potential Denial of Service (DoS) attacks from the Internet or rogue data applications.

These SBC's manage the bandwidth that calls require and can limit the number of simultaneous calls to the bandwidth allocated to VoIP, guaranteeing that call quality can be maintained. The SBC's also measure jitter and packet loss to assist with the finding the cause of any voice quality issues.