Strategies for Cloud Adoption

Adopting cloud services remains a conundrum for many organisations. Taking the decision to embrace or enhance the adoption of cloud services requires a solid foundation of business need.

Cloud is having an impact on the way IT services are sourced and business processes supported, especially as customers focus more on hybrid IT management. The transition to cloud is pervasive. For enterprises, it offers the opportunity to reduce costs and investment in depreciating assets, and deliver more responsive IT.

Moving to Cloud

Engagement models are continuously changing with cloud delivery being the main catalyst for change. As the industry moves towards outcome-based pricing models, contingencies, inhibitors, and tipping points need to be analysed that outline the journey toward these models.

Cloud means many things to many people but, at CORETX, we think of it as how, where and when you consume IT and then how you pay for it. We also believe that this will vary according to the workload, application or the business process IT is required to deliver or support.

Of paramount importance is to work out the right cloud consumption model for each workload, application or business process. There is no "one-model-for-all" so the likelihood will be that the optimum cloud consumption model will be one that combines traditional physical hardware, an in-house Single Tenant Private Cloud Platform, and a local 3rd party’s Multi Tenant Cloud Platform. In other words, a hybrid approach.

It is the flexibility of how you can move workloads, off-set peak processing and port applications to consume the IT you need, when you need it and for as long as you need it, that delivers the real benefits of Cloud Computing.The triggers to consider Cloud Services include:

  • Technology refresh – desktops &/or Servers
  • Data centre consolidation
  • Reduce IT operations costs
  • Office move
  • Application development &/or testing
  • Reduce business continuity costs
  • Mobile workforce policy change

CORETX has a core Multi Tenant Cloud Platform that can be used to host part or all of your Dev/Test, Production and/or your DR environments or can be linked to your dedicated single tenant cloud Platform to allow workload portability or enable resource "burstability". Learn more