"I've always found that the CORETX support has been very helpful, fast and efficient in working towards a solution."

The Hill Consultancy

"I have used CORETX for several years and could not be happier with the responsive service I have received. The multiple VMware IaaS services along with the Connectivity service has enabled me to run the CRM for my website and voice platform seamlessly. A special thanks to the support team at CORETX who have provided outstanding levels of expertise and guidance at all hours."


"CORETX's breadth of service offerings, highly supportive attitude, and commitment to customer support impressed us straight away. We had no hesitation in adopting CORETX as our cloud provider, confident they could deliver what we needed in terms of high-speed connectivity and a Virtual Data Centre offering. End user experience and feedback has been extremely positive as a result."


"The service and support from CORETX is outstanding; prompt, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. When combined with their clear and competitive pricing, excellent added-value services, and choice of data centre locations, they are difficult to beat."


"CORETX have provided us with 100% uptime, providing us with the confidence and reliability we require. They have been very helpful 24/7 for any queries or questions we may of have and act quickly on any account requests. I would highly recommend them as a supplier for any company with business critical applications."


"I'm extremely pleased with the connection. A traceroute from my office consistently shows 4 fewer hops to a couple of Cobalts that were previously hosted with Easily in Harbour Exchange. The emphasis that you place on latency is also very evident when working remotely via SSH."

We Are Base

"We've been able to take advantage of incentives from the UK government to get a 1Gb Leased Line installed, and CORETX have taken care of absolutely everything else meaning we can continue with our business as usual. They understand what it takes to create the vibrant ecosystem we have in Bournemouth, and their support will help have a huge impact on a lot of the innovation happening here on the coast.

Farley & Thompson

"Why didn't we do this sooner?! Getting significantly improved internet connectivity through the Connection Voucher couldn't be easier with CORETX, all I had to do was confirm my business address and they looked after everything else for me, their remarkably high quality service was friendly and non-patronising. We are going to be happy for many years to come that we took the opportunity while it was here and saved so much on the install thanks to the scheme. The faster connection will significantly improve our business and I would recommend CORETX unequivocally."


"CORETX’s consistently advanced and increased IT infrastructure has allowed us to remain competitive and innovate ahead of other services, most recently we were able to upgrade our catalogue to hi-res audio, which has been done ahead of other major services in the business. HI-resolution audio files are 10 times the size of standard MP3 and 23 times the size of the smallest streaming file format. Getting these larger files takes an extreme amount of coordination and negotiation with rights-holders. Without a simple solution for storage, it would have taken us much longer to upgrade.

EX Networks

"As our company continues to expand, we view CORETX as an extension of our own network - allowing us to light up sites based on customer demand with lead times in the days rather than weeks. CORETX has removed some barriers and has enhanced the experience we can offer our customers, which is of utmost importance to EX Networks."