DB Schenker

"We can depend on CORETX to resolve the issues that we don’t have the time or resource at a remote branch location to deal with. CORETX is very responsive and is not only meeting but exceeding SLAs we have in place, they are flexible, responsive and it means you don’t need to employ a whole team to work on day-to-day support issues."

ADP Dental

"The response times are excellent – on almost every call we log there is an engineer on site within four hours. CORETX provides a top quality services from a dedicated, knowledgeable team."

Langley Grammar School

"It was an impeccable changeover. CORETX managed the project really well and everything went very smoothly. It’s the confidence factor that CORETX delivers for us – we have peace of mind as we know we can rely on them. I can honestly say that the CORETX team has never let us down."

David Lloyd Leisure

"CORETX are commercially strong, we had experience with them and knew they had a strong technical team and a professional approach. The migration could have been fraught with issues but with CORETX it was seamless.I am very happy with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to give a reference to anyone considering using CORETX for their service desk."

Fusion Wifi

"CORETX's IT infrastructure is second to none and has allowed me to spend my time 100% on business growth rather than IT worries. It has enabled us to launch huge projects with customers' data secure and 100% customer satisfaction through resilient connectivity. One of the main reasons we chose CORETX over any competitor was that they were able to work with us to reach our business-critical deadline for installing Bournemouth's free public WiFi.

Diamond Sporting Group

"With CORETX we didn't need to sacrifice any of our requirements, we were able to be completely open about our challenges and CORETX accommodated for these straightaway. We chose CORETX as they were very easy to communicate with on our requirements and reactive to the influencing factors of the busy event. Their Service Level Agreement was fantastic and they delivered on time. The internet Connectivity was excellent and allowed our staff to operate service as usual on an outdoors site, which made management of the event much easier."


"I would strongly recommend CORETX to other businesses. As I see it they are vital to the success of our IT department and it's clear that there is an excellent working relationship between technicians on both sides. CORETX provide core data centre infrastructure expertise, can work at pace and enable global network connectivity quickly and ensure that communication is always at the right level to give peace of mind."

The Blueprint IT

"The speed of being able to connect anyone across CORETX's network provides our clients with great performance and value. We now compete with and even outperform the usual suspects within the cloud market. With the close relationship we have with CORETX we offer a cloud solution that stacks up well against the competition: its proven with our clients to be significantly cheaper, with an improved SLA, with often greater than 50% improvement on performance per instance and all supported from the UK."

Protect Line

"We looked at a number of different providers and CORETX exceeded all of our requirements. With a face-to-face relationship and a company that we can grow with, it was a clear decision to choose CORETX."

Aspect Enterprise Solutions

"We chose CORETX as they fitted in with all our criteria: they could offer the same colocation services as our previous provider for a fraction of the proposed cost and with much greater customer service, Bournemouth's location relative to London meant that we could quickly and easily relocate to the new colocation centre, with less than 2 hours' travel time. Furthermore, CORETX could guarantee the security, connectivity and reliability that we needed, together with a dedicated account manager which we had never previously had."