Since 2012, CORETX and its partner services have provided us with rack space and transit and connectivity into multiple data centres. Having worked with the team for five years, it’s clear we like each other. The support is good and we need to escalate very seldom, so we are ultimately able to see CORETX as a ‘safe pair of hands’. I would recommend them as an infrastructure partner.

Behind Every Cloud

As a vendor selection company, we initially approached CORETX to price and compare alternative communications solutions, including rapidly deployable, back-end data connectivity for clients with challenging cloud migration timelines.

CORETX provides us with vendor agnostic, competitive pricing for on-net DC options. CORETX’s 100Gbps MPLS network connects more than 30 UK data centres, so our clients can establish inter-datacentre connectivity with an SLA of just ten working days.

The Blueprint IT

“Since 2009, CORETX has worked closely with my team and we’ve developed a strong relationship. We first selected CORETX to supply connectivity. This grew into providing Infrastructure as a Services for a few clients and finally into support for our colocation and connectivity services. We trust CORETX to deliver the services we require at the right price point and always with high SLA terms. We value their support and look forward to continued success.”

Day Lewis Pharmacy

"Saving engineering hours, increasing productivity and making continual, effective improvements, while knowing we had everything backed up in a virtual environment meant things became simpler as we opened more stores, not more complex. CORETX were also able to adapt their original planning to take account of each challenge at each site. We’re now looking to CORETX to add even more value and efficiencies in the future, possibly through Cloud technology."

Day Lewis Pharmacy

"The whole aim of finding a trusted partner like CORETX, was to mitigate against disaster and make sure there were never any periods of downtime. We now have near enough 100% uptime and much more confidence in our procedures to escalate and troubleshoot. If it means we need engineers on site at short notice on a Friday night, we know we’ll get them."


Queen Elizabeth's Foundation

"We caught up ten years in two. Young people expect to be able to use our services on their tablets and phones from the moment they walk in the door. As do our trustees. So it was a major plus be able to create this faster, more modern environment. There were challenges, but CORETX understood them and were able to adapt their original plans to meet them. We’ve ditched the tapes, knowing our data is now continually backed up remotely with SAM and our new helpdesk function means all our staff are benefitting from using IT that’s up to the job.


"When our Leased Line went live, we actually couldn’t measure how fast it was, because it was off the speedtest charts! We are so excited about the upgraded level of service we can now offer our customers and with increased productivity who knows what we are now capable of! CORETX have become a trusted advisor for us on all things connectivity and IT infrastructure related, they are an extremely valued extension of our IT arm."

Hilton & THAT Group

"We are delighted to offer guests of the Hilton and Hampton by Hilton the optimum connectivity possible, in order to keep them connected away from home. High quality internet connection is very much in line with the superior quality found throughout the other hotel facilities. CORETX was the natural partner for us in this regard, offering the quickest connections with the highest quality service."