In today's interconnected world, networks are crucial for supporting business operations. It's your network that allows people, devices, applications and systems to connect to anyone, anytime and everywhere. An outage can bring business operations to a standstill, so having a reliable network performance is paramount, this is why CORETX work with our clients to deliver reliable network performance.

CORETX has the experience, processes and tools to monitor and manage your network infrastructure, simplify procedures, reduce complexity and deliver a consistently excellent performance.

Our forward thinking, dedicated and fully accredited engineers are the lifeblood of our business. Thanks to them CORETX has the knowledge and service portfolios to match the best out there.

With CORETX you can achieve:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Less reliance on remote assistance leading to increased productivity
  • Reduced operational costs, overheads and management complexity
  • Proactive management of resources
  • Standard and customisable reports
  • A single interface web portal to access and manage systems
  • Desktop automation – with real time alerts
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Management
  • A richer, bigger picture view with information you can trust – and action.

We filter, analyse and action the critical alerts and prioritise according to impact and importance. We monitor all developing issues and respond before they become a problem and before there is an impact on business. Plus we can pull together a plan of action out of hours so there is no impact to your business while we provide the fix.