Websites and internet-facing services are becoming increasingly content rich and interactive, and shared hosting for some businesses can be too inflexible, Physical Dedicated Servers provide an alternative solution.

A Physical Dedicated Server allows you to unlock almost limitless flexibility in the breadth of permutations of setup choices, while benefiting from greatly enhanced performance. We offer many different Physical Dedicated Server packages depending on your business requirement.

CORETX's Physical Dedicated Servers are exclusively for your use only, and are pre-installed with your choice of operating system from our supported list. When we have received your order, the server will be imaged with the chosen operating system. These images are updated regularly to ensure each new server arrives up to date, securely supporting all the features you may need.

How It Works

For our Windows based dedicated servers we enable the Remote Desktop feature, and for our Linux and BSD based dedicated servers we enable Secure Shell. You then receive the administrative credentials and can log in and get started right away.

Your connection to our network and the rest of the Internet is a completely clean pipe, free from any blocked services, traffic shaping, or contention; the size of pipe you take is the amount you get.

Hardware packages

We have good working relationships with all of the major equipment vendors, this allows us to offer a range of standard off the shelf server configurations, entry level/mid range/high performance, or we can consider bespoke configuration if this is preferred.

When you take the service from us, you are getting completely exclusive use of the physical server hardware. Unlike in a shared hosting or a virtual dedicated server environment, the complete performance of the hardware is available for your sole use. We will simply install your choice of operating system and then either pass the administrative login details to you or take on the management as part of an ongoing managed service offer if this is required.

Operating Systems

We can procure, install and if required support all of the major operating systems that you may require. In many cases we simply install a standard ‘out of the box' image onto these new servers, and then allow configuration to take place post install. We can also place these servers within our Lifecycle program, which enables us to create and deploy customer specific software images so that they are all identical. Furthermore, Lifecyle allows us to deploy patches, upgrades and new software elements across the entire platform lifecylce as part of a managed service.