CORETX MPLS network is constructed with privately owned dark fibre and spanning data centre PoPs across the UK, it is THE Data Centre network, delivering the highest capacity to the widest range of data centre locations within industry-leading timescales. The core transmission network was designed specifically to address the issues faced by end users, service providers, data centre operators and carriers in the connectivity market place today.

Offering MPLS/VPLS services via 1Gb and 10Gb ports at all of our On Net locations, it is unique because it was built from scratch with entirely new equipment, dedicated dark fibre links and brand new data centre infrastructure.

CORETX can deliver new services to lit sites in hours and days rather than weeks and months. It is a truly any-to-any network, all services are available at all locations, providing interconnects to a huge range of service providers and internet exchanges in ALL PoP locations, removing the requirement to be physically located in the same facility.

  • UK's largest high capacity any to any network
  • MPLS network footprint across the UK's widest number of data centres
  • Truly Carrier Grade Network, minimum 2 paths at all PoPs
  • Rerouting and resilience designed into core network
  • Sub 200ms failover and ~1 microsecond per hop
  • Diverse fibre rings, with 100% diverse dual-ports available
  • All customers configured and managed independently
  • Clear channel MPLS/VPLS network with unlimited VLANs

Our network is available in more than 60 Data Centre locations across the UK, this network is continuously expanding as we add new sites to include other existing data centre locations as well as brand new facilities as they come on stream.

CORETX has access to the entire market of connectivity suppliers, thus we can rapidly expand the reach of the network by leveraging third-party connectivity from the new location back to one of our PoPs, as a result we can already reach more than 100 UK DC's and many 1000s of business premises.

  • Highly resilient, stable and secure network, protected from fibre breaks, circuit failures, full DC failures, DDoS attacks, bandwidth spikes and downtime during upgrades
  • Hugely scalable low latency bandwidth, sufficient for current and forecast needs.
  • Expand globally to 100's of DC's and 10,000s of ports, removing network congestion issues
  • Removes geographical boundaries, you no longer need to be in the same building anymore, once you are connected to a port, you can connect to anyone, anywhere.
  • Provides access to the entire connectivity provider ecosystem, allowing us to utilise any carrier or technology in order to deliver a total solution.
  • Same day connectivity, as quickly as you can get a cable run, you can have the service configured and connected in our primary CORETX data centre locations.
  • Ground breaking and future proof, CORETX delivers new standards of technical and commercial flexibility not currently available, which benefits users and service providers.
Contractual Flexibility

Because we own the entire network and manage all of the resources, we are able to offer highly flexible contract options not offered by our competitors, this includes:

We understand the key features, services and solutions critical to a successful network, having operated as a carrier for many years, the key difference with CORETX is that once your service is in place, you have the ability to connect with anybody, anywhere, which delivers real benefit.