The Network is Being Transformed

Telcos are positioning their networks as the foundation for a set of business-critical technology, communications, application, and information services. The market is more services-oriented than ever, but does that mean telcos will take a decent share of value-added services revenues?

The Buyer is More Demanding

Enterprise buyers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever. They want service levels across the network through to applications, reporting, integrated billing, and service management. At the high end, deals are getting larger, and there is more bundling now compared to just a few years ago.

The importance of the Local and Wide-area network has increased in recent years as the world has entered the ‘mobile age'.

The mobile age does not just relate to cellular networks but to:

  • A mobile workforce that needs access to applications and data wherever they are
  • Remote teams working together on projects and the need to share and collaborate on data
  • Staff and visitors bringing their own mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads, tablets and laptops that need wireless access to the network to access applications and data
  • The use of the Internet to carry voice traffic, video streaming and high resolution images across intra- and inter- office environments

To help our customers unravel the complexities of a converged voice and data network and to provide an optimised network solution, CORETX has invested in people, its core network infrastructure and service delivery capabilities. This combination means that we can review, design, implement and support enterprise class networks for all our customers, no matter what their size.