CORETX is committed to providing a comprehensive connectivity portfolio for businesses, including office locations and data centre environments. We are unique in our approach to delivering services in that, whilst we own a large and powerful private fibre optic network, we do not deliver solutions exclusively on this network.

We are a totally agnostic service provider, we can obtain connectivity solutions from any provider, be they local metro providers, national carriers, international networks and even undersea cable operators. We have excellent relationships with partners, allowing us to deliver the best solutions for our customers. By using our market knowledge, we will obtain the best commercial deals as well.

  • Private MPLS data centre network connecting over 60 locations
  • Extremely competitive connectivity pricing
  • Large number of strategic service provider relationships
  • Solutions from the widest choice of service providers and carriers
  • Automated channel pricing tool – one of the most advanced in the UK
  • Market challenging channel pricing structure