A resilient and stable network is the lifeline of your modern-day business. As enterprises rely more heavily on their networks to operate their businesses, achieving optimal operating efficiency and clean performance is paramount.

An effective Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure is essential for efficiently running an organisation's day to day communications services and particularly for the rollout and efficient use of VoIP services. When deployed successfully, an effective LAN can help you save money and increase employee productivity.

We recognise that your business is dynamic and complex, so there may be several instances when you need to revisit how your WAN works for your business. With carrier-class reliability, CORETX work smarter to support a variety of applications from VoIP to video.

We provide solutions that are high performing, scalable and able to support voice, video and data communications.

To ensure optimal performance, we provide a proactive, comprehensive monitoring service, with alerts and notifications. This will ensure you receive no unexpected surprises.

We continuously look at additional technologies to ensure the highest level of service is maintained.

While security threats are getting more sophisticated and harder to detect, the volume of threats is growing exponentially. CORETX can provide a range of services to keep your business secure:

  • Proactive approaches to cyber security
  • Maintaining privacy and trust
  • Managing digital identities
  • Security platforms and ecosystems

New approaches and technologies are changing the way IT security and user protection need to be tackled. We work with a number of vendor suppliers to identify and implement the most up to date solutions available on the market today.

We also recognise that there is a lack of resources and skills to deal with these problems in-house. Our "Bench" provision within our Professional Services capability addresses this. We have developed a bench of flexible resource candidates, all currently assigned on client engagements, and therefore pre-vetted, security cleared and qualified in terms of skills and abilities.