At CORETX we treat all of our customers’ managed cloud environments as private as they are totally secure and cannot be accessed by any other customer. We offer two levels of configuration:

Single Tenant

A Single Tenant Managed Private Cloud is a dedicated set of hardware, networking and storage owned and managed up to the application layer by CORETX. The Single Tenant Managed Private Cloud is highly automated with a greater focus on governance, security and compliance.

Multi Tenant

A Multi Tenant Managed Private Cloud is a dedicated and ring-fenced set of virtual resource pool (vCPU, vRAM and Allocated Storage) that is maintained behind a firewall. Still highly secure, a Multi Tenant Managed Private Cloud is more cost effective and is ideal for your DR environment or to test the concept and benefits of Cloud Computing on a few applications or workloads before looking at a full scale migration from traditional physical application servers to a flexible, virtualised IT infrastructure.

As a fully managed service you do not need to have VMware skills as we will take care of all that for you. You just tell us what you need and we will do it.

Self-Managed Private Cloud

The Self-Managed Private Cloud service option means that we provide, manage and monitor the underlying infrastructure and VMware Hyper-visor environment and you manage and monitor everything above the Hyper-visor level i.e. the virtual network, virtual machines and applications.

The self-management capability is delivered through the Cloud Administration Portal which is based on VCloud Director.