CORETX Lifecycle is a full asset management service that you can rely on to deliver secure deployment, redeployment and disposal of your company's assets and confidential information.

The Lifecycle Service can be bought in its entirety or select just those components that are most relevant a specific project, such as an XP Migration.

The full components of the Lifecycle Service are detailed below.

All customer's assets are stored within CORETX's Lifecycle Centre, a dedicated and highly secure facility, and are assigned to a numbered and lettered rack and shelf, the details all being entered onto our Remedy call management system. Remedy has a built in asset management form, which is linked into the call management function, meaning the full asset history can be captured and linked to the call references the assets are sent out and received in on.

The details of what stage the PC is at will also be entered onto Remedy, i.e. new stock, built and VPN installed. For steady state stock, the various makes and models of laptops will be segregated from each other, on different racks, so the same models are all racked together. All stock is stored securely at CORETX's Lifecycle Centre, until it is ready for dispatch to a user, or until it reaches its end of life at which point it is readied for disposal. This manned, secure facility is used to store both re-cycled assets and new stock.

Brand new assets are delivered directly from the customer's supplier; with CORETX being informed of volumes and delivery date at least 24 hours in advance. All assets contained within our Lifecycle Centre are fully insured, the amount of which is constantly reviewed to ensure the value of the assets is covered.

The process for imaging is usually provided by the customer, as they would normally have a preferred image they already use. However CORETX can load the standard operating system and patches, or help the customer to develop a build image if required. CORETX's preferred method for imaging is to utilise a PXE server, with the customer's build image being held on this server and deployed to multiple assets simultaneously via a series of hubs and switches. This solution is generally the quickest and most efficient way of building a number of assets. However, CORETX do also provide multiple builds using images held on CD's, DVD's or USB hard drives, so are flexible to however the customer wishes to provide the build image.

If the customer contracts CORETX to provide an on-going service covering deploying new devices, refreshing and recycling old devices we can put in a dedicated line to the customer's network, meaning we can provide the full image, configuration and encryption of assets with user specific details, linking the machine into the customer's domain, authenticating the user's login credentials and completing the entire build process. This means once the asset is delivered, the user should be able to begin using their PC with no additional configuration required. CORETX connects to the customer's network, by means of a dedicated secure SDSL line (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Lines). Where integration into the customer's network cannot be supplied, CORETX can perform the initial build process, deliver the asset to the user and provide an engineer to attend site to finish the configuration if required.

For PC Supply requests, CORETX receives a form which dictates the number of requests required and a list of mandatory fields (e.g. user login name, location of user, make and model of required asset etc.) which are needed to complete the build process in full. PC Supply requests can range from standard New Joiners, to loan/rentals of assets, exchanges of one type of equipment for another, or replacing a lost or stolen asset. In these incidences, CORETX follow the build process as described above and once complete, package the asset along with a pre-defined bundle of consumables, a checklist to ensure everything within the process has been completed successfully and bubble wrap and air bags. At which point it is ready for delivery to the user's location. Any desktop builds will have an engineer scheduled to site to coincide with the delivery of the asset, which the engineer will un-package and install at the desk-side of the user.

CORETX, if contracted to do so, will always ensure it has the majority of the buffer stock held in their storage facility pre-built, with dummy login names. This means that when requests are received it is a simple matter of replacing the dummy login name with the user's real login ID and performing the end part of the configuration process, which ensures our SLA's for delivery are always met. This also means that CORETX can handle short notice requests it sometimes receives quickly, efficiently and well within requested timescales.

CORETX receives monthly collection sheets, from the customer, of equipment on site that requires collection. In order to ensure the collections run as smoothly as possible, the majority of collections are pre-booked for regular days every month.

A call will be logged on Remedy for assets expected to be returned and individual transit requests raised. By raising these transit requests individually, it ensures the call cannot be closed until the asset has been received and booked in at our lifecycle facility. This in turn means if an asset has not been received, the remaining open call flags this as a potential issue to the lifecycle team. This fail safe process is run in conjunction with the manual ‘ticking off' of the expected assets directly on the collection sheet provided by the customer, both by the driver collecting the assets and the Lifecycle team once the assets have reached our facility. If there are any discrepancies with the collection, CORETX will investigate and advise the customer at their earliest convenience.

The asset will be stored for five business days with the existing data and if required, delivered to a customer site if requested during this period, should any data retrieval be necessary. Following the five business day 'cooling off' period, any assets that are to be swapped out and re-used at a later date, will be stripped of all their data and placed back into buffer stock. All assets are tracked throughout their time within the lifecycle centre, using CORETX's Remedy system. A stock report can be provided to the customer by CORETX, on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

In order to provide the highest standard of data destruction, CORETX uses Blancco data erasure software. Blancco are a leader in data destruction and not only conform to the highest standards and regulations, but also exceed legislative requirements. Amongst a wealth of other certifications, Blancco currently hold CESG, Department of Defence and NATO standards. CORETX utilise a separate PXE server, dedicated to the data erasing process, which holds the Blancco image and deploys to multiple assets simultaneously, wiping each attached asset of all data held on it. In using Blancco, the hard drive remains in tact and can be used again and again, whereas other means of data destruction can leave the hard drive unusable. During this wiping process Blancco will pick up on any hard drive problems and report them on screen. If such errors are found, the machine will still be wiped if possible, but will be listed on Remedy as faulty. Data erasure reports can be provided for every single PC once wiped.

If an asset is received by a user and is found to be DOA, a replacement asset is built from buffer stock and shipped to the user within 1 business day. All DOA assets which are located at a customer site are repaired by the customer's engineers before returning to CORETX to be placed back into buffer stock. Requests for repair of assets diagnosed on-site are passed on directly to appropriate customer's IT Support personnel. Faulty assets diagnosed by CORETX are currently catalogued by fault description and segregated both physically and on Remedy and an Excel spreadsheet detailing all relevant fault data escalated to the customer's IT Support team.

All CORETX Technical Couriers as well as Field Engineers are trained and experienced in current Data Transfer Policy and deployment. We have been providing this service satisfactorily for the duration of the existing contract. As per existing KPMG policy, data transfers are completed via the Desktop DNA Software provided by KPMG. All resources are located on secure KPMG infrastructure with no external devices required or introduced. Once completed, any equipment not to be retained is handed over to on-site KPMG Local IT Services and a confirmation document signed by all relevant parties.

Dependant on volumes of assets to be shipped out, or to be collected, CORETX either uses couriers or technical van drivers who are directly employed by CORETX. Transportation costs for all standard SLA requests are included within the price of the services provided. Collections are made by our in house technical couriers with the occasional ad-hoc collections serviced by our preferred courier company. All equipment is securely packaged by CORETX members of staff using reinforced cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, Fill-Air inflatable packaging and polystyrene packaging.

A full asset history is tracked on our Remedy system, showing when the asset was first received into our Lifecycle Centre, the call reference it was subsequently sent out on (which captures full site and user details) and if it has been received back into the Lifecycle Centre. By linking the asset history with the call reference the asset's lifecycle from cradle to grave is fully tracked, from location of asset to when it has been wiped of data, re-imaged, sent out and received back into sores.

CORETX will conduct regular 6 monthly audits to verify the accuracy of the data contained within the asset register. We currently perform fortnightly audits of all stock contained within our Lifecycle Centre and adhere to best practices as dictated by our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 20000-1:2005 accreditations. Discrepancies are currently highlighted, investigated and resolved in house. Unresolved discrepancies are immediately escalated to the customer.

If an asset is not to be returned to buffer stock (this will include where it is beyond economical repair (“BER”), end-of-life, or if the customer deems it not fit for purpose for whatever reason), CORETX will arrange for the safe disposal of both the data and the machine itself. CORETX utilise Blancco Data Erasure software (as described earlier in this document) which wipes the data from the asset with a '3 pass' enhanced method. Blancco Version 4.10. is INFOSEC, DOD and MOD approved.

In conjunction with our preferred disposal provider we will dispose of the asset to WEEE (the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Producer responsibility) Regulations 2004). If preferred by the customer, we can get our partner to look into reselling the asset, or for other ethically sound uses such as for charities or third world benefit.

CORETX's preferred partner's processes comply with Certificate of Registration, Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008, Certificate of Registration, Environmental Management System, ISO 14001:2004, Certificate of Registration, Information Security Management System, ISO 27001:2005, as well as being WEEE directive compliant.

All reusable packaging is recycled within the department. Non reusable packaging is collected on a weekly basis by our Waste Management Service Provider.

COREXT will make available both staff and documentation for an audit of processes and working practices to take place, at regular intervals.