A complete range of services to manage end-user devices from initial purchase, through their life and on to eventual retirement.

Computing and communication devices are essential to productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. For a business to perform well, devices must be allocated to staff effectively and functioning at optimum levels throughout their lifecycle. To step up to reach new commercial goals, the time and resource required to perform this task can be a distraction many organisations would prefer to avoid.

CORETX Lifecycle Services transform the consumption of end-user devices into a service. It enables companies to outsource any or all aspects of the supply, management and security of end-user devices to an experienced and safe pair of hands.

The business capabilities delivered by your devices becomes a given and organisations can look beyond day-to-day device management to programmes that enhance business performance and realise new commercial opportunities.

CORETX Lifecycle Services cover a wide variety of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. With one contract and a single point of contact, what would otherwise be a highly complex operation is made easy.

  • Removes the burden of looking after end user devices across the business
  • Single contract and contact for all assets, allowing for simplified budgeting and planning
  • Trusted partner delivering device and data compliance and security through device lifecycle
  • Increases work force effectiveness

From initial planning, through procurement, configuration, delivery, maintenance, support, security and compliance, data cleansing, redeployment, and eventual device disposal, the service removes the significant burden of managing end-user devices.