Our IP Transit service delivers a high quality Internet connection to all On-Net data centre locations across CORETX network, including direct Tier 1 access with multiple providers

Why Choose CORETX IP Transit?

High quality IP Transit is available at all of our PoPs, this includes the ability to deliver Tier 1 access at all sites and even extend this directly to business premises where required.

CORETX IP Transit utilises a mixture of high capacity interconnects to many of the Tier 1 providers as well as peering arrangements with partners to ensure that geographical location does not adversely impact latency.

Customers can take IP Transit ports and services from 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps and even 40Gbps where required, with committed data rates and burst available on a flexible and Elastic basis.

  • Layer 2 Connectivity
  • Provided as Layer 2 connectivity over the CORETX network
  • Direct Connections
  • Direct cable connections for 100% network separation
  • Elastic IP
  • Elastic IP Transit connectivity available
  • Tier 1 Providers
  • Direct connectivity to Tier 1 providers in DC where provider has physical presence
  • 1Gbps or 10Gbps
  • Provided on 1Gbps or 10Gbps ports
  • Low CDR
  • Low CDR available with burst capability
  • DDoS Protection
  • DDoS Protected circuits available
4 distinct IP Transit products are available
Tier 1 IP Transit

We can provide Tier 1 Internet connectivity directly to the equipment in your rack location at any of our data centre PoP locations. This is of course the premium option for IP Transit, since Tier 1 providers are the backbone pipes which make up the Internet.

CORETX network has access to multiple Tier 1 Providers, each with different strengths in Global Coverage. In some sites where the Tier 1 provider has a direct presence, CORETX can also deliver a direct connection without traversing the CORETX network if required.

Multihomed IP Transit

Our multihomed IP Transit is the most popular option for data centre Internet connectivity, your traffic is 'shared' across multiple Tier 1 providers and direct peering partners, rather than directly to a specific provider as with Tier 1 IP Transit.

Multihomed IP Transit allows traffic to take a number of different routes to the Internet, prioritised by the fastest geographic path, offering enhanced degrees of resilience because you are not reliant on a single provider's network.

This blended approach utilises all available upstream Internet connections and offers cost savings as well as performance improvements over the selection of a single provider.

Partial IP Transit

Partial IP Transit provides Internet connectivity where this traffic is is routed via local Internet Exchanges and peers, rather than utilising the Tier 1 providers.

Partial Transit can be particularly cost effective where a large portion of you traffic is destined for the UK or Europe, since it can deliver bandwidth at a fraction of the cost.

This style of IP Transit requires BGP connectivity and should be combined with an alternative Tier 1/Multihomed route to deliver 100% route coverage, please contact us to discuss this option.

Partial IP Transit is routed via CORETX peering partnerships with Internet Exchanges and other Service Providers, these local peers can offer the lowest possible latency to a specific local destination, when compared with a Tier 1 provider which is limited to larger capacity, but less flexible routing.

DDoS Protection IP Transit

For customers that require the best possible IP Transit solution combined with increased security protection from DDoS attacks we can now offer DDoS protected IP Transit.

This variant offers the same high performance Multihomed IP Transit as our standard product, however, the inbound traffic from the Internet is passed through our A10 DDoS Mitigation platform so that it is protected from potential DDoS attacks.

This premium solution offers the best possible combination for customers that have high priority business services which have Internet facing IP Addresses.

By allowing you to protect your entire IP Transit allocation instead of a specific address, your business can trust that you will not be impacted by any loss of service due DDoS attack.