This powerful monitoring and management solution, which is powered by leading edge tools, gives us knowledge and insight of your infrastructure performance enabling us to advise how you can develop your systems to achieve your strategic business objectives. The result is high system availability and efficiency, which means less downtime, more productivity and lower costs, which ultimately leads to better business performance and results.

CORETX's Infrastructure Monitoring, Maintenance and Management covers your servers, storage devices, operating systems and applications. Our comprehensive, end-to-end service allows you to choose which infrastructure is monitored, maintained or managed on a site or device basis.

Our strength lies in fixing problems before they materialise, quickly and with a minimum of fuss. That's why we test everything for you before it goes into a live environment and use our 25 years in the business to give you an independent heads up of any potential issues. But we don't stop there. We also monitor the performance of your infrastructure as it beds in, interpret all useful data and make recommendations based on the live environment.

We don't simply pick off the peg if it doesn't suit how you work. We quickly get to grips with your business, take ownership of the issues and show you a clear path to success; whether it's saving you money, streamlining your business or boosting your productivity. (Usually it's all three).

Flexible Options

With CORETX, establishing the correct level of support to maintain the integrity of your infrastructure is key. To help you do this, at each stage we present flexible options:

  • Protection whenever and wherever
  • Achieve peace of mind from being covered by a service that is always on and maintained every day of the year.
  • Scale your services up or down as you see fit
  • Have trends in storage performance and capacity monitored for best results and clever cost management
  • Get insight beyond just manual operation of tools.
  • Our highly experienced, specialist teams provide a proactive service to prevent issues before they arise
  • Have components monitored and replaced before they fail
  • Get daily maintenance checks.
  • Including managed backups of defined server data, managed anti-virus and initial set up of applications.

Our Infrastructure Monitoring and Management service provides our customers with a more dynamic and responsive process for monitoring and managing its internal systems.

Our flexible monitoring platform focuses on identifying and only reporting real problems. Our customer's IT Operations team can also have access through a single console to our monitoring platform.

  • Reduce the number of False Positives and 'junk' data
  • Fully automated performance reporting
  • Web based interface with a public access and a mobile web page
  • Status based rather than alert based monitoring
  • Customer Monitoring Portal, expandable through scripts and plugins
  • Multi-vendor Monthly patching
  • Compliance reporting
  • Daily backup checks Reporting & notifications
How it Works

The service is flexible and customisable per customer, however, most deployments follow a similar process to install.

  • CORETX install the monitoring agent onto the customer's infrastructure to enable remote monitoring and management.
  • The monitoring agent dynamically monitors the supported devices.
  • Our skilled team react to 'real' problems rather than False Positives
  • We proactively manage the supported devices.
  • Your internal IT Operations team have access to the infrastructure monitoring portal.
  • CORETX escalate any vendor related issues and manage the resolution process.