The Challenge

In many data centre environments the capacity that our customers require is much more of a 'potential capacity' rather than 'committed capacity'. This really means that when you order the service the vendor executes a plan to deploy new equipment and connectivity to the site now that there is a specific need. This saves the vendor having to deploy equipment which will not be fully utilised and helps their ROI, but, it can mean significant delays in the service being commissioned and available for your use. These delays can run into many months sometimes and by this time the need often goes away, or the commercial impetus is lost.

Our Solution

CORETX data centre interconnects and other services are highly flexible from both a service and contractual perspective, this is because not only do we own and operate all parts of the service, but also we have already made the investment necessary to place the equipment at the data centres on our network, this fact allows CORETX to expedite the delivery of many of the services.

Many CORETX DC Connect services in On-Net locations can now be delivered in a single day where required, this provides the ability to rapidly expand connectivity or deliver additional capacity where it is required, making CORETX an excellent strategic partner. Being able to activate new services in hours and days, where this used to take weeks and months is game changing behaviour.

In addition to connections on our own network infrastructure, we have multiple vendor agreements in place with dark fibre and connectivity providers, allowing us to deploy fibre leased lines up to 10Gbps in as little as 10 days, extending the reach of the core network sites. Expedited services typically require an additional connectivity fee over standard installation services, but this can be discussed during quotation.