Our DC Enablement service leverages the strength of CORETX's network by extending it out to a new Data Centre.

CORETX can offer a range of services designed to allow Carriers, ISPs and even data centre operators to build a new PoP on our network and thereby gain access to everything that they need from a connectivity perspective. The service is flexible enough to be appropriate for newly constructed facilities looking to rapidly grow, or an existing site requiring network expansion.

CORETX has a wealth of experience planning and delivering new connectivity solutions to locations, so we are ideally suited to assist you in achieving your goals. Our DC Enable service leverages the strength of the CORETX network by extending it out to a new Data Centre, either by utilising existing dark fibre capacity and PoP-ing the site, or by deploying entirely new Infrastructure to the location.

  • Single or dual resilient dark fibre connections delivered to a location
  • Interconnect with over 50 other DC locations across the UK and 1000s globally
  • Third party network tail circuits supported, dependant on site survey
  • New fibre deployment available, dependant on requirement and budget
  • Effective for new builds, conversions or improvement programs at existing sites
  • Single supplier, single contract and single support arrangement
  • Connections available via existing, unused dark fibre capacity
  • Access to all CORETX products, services, Peers, Carriers and Service Providers available on our network
Virtual PoP Services

If building a physical PoP at a specific DC location is not cost-effective, or may take too long to deliver, CORETX can also support the creation of Virtual PoPs in any of our data centre locations on our network. This allows you to operate as if you have presence in a remote DC site, without actually deploying, managing or installing any equipment. This is an extremely quick and cost-effective solution for network expansion.

CORETX own and operate a high performance data centre network, utilising a privately owned dark fibre core network between all sites, which has been lit with equipment from leading providers such as Juniper Networks, this design allows us to be extremely powerful, scalable and flexible, customers take ports and services at 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and even 100Gbps where required, for new Data Centre builds this would normally be through lit fibre providing significant capacity to facilitate growth.