The Challenge

Most carriers expect customers to sign up to a lengthy contract for connectivity services, 1/2/3 even 5 years in some cases. Most of them will happily support the ability to burst above your committed data rate and many will allow you to increase your commitment within the contract term. However, the ability to reduce and increase committed bandwidth is not something that is commonly offered, indeed it has only rarely been seen in Cloud platforms, certainly not physical colocation environments.

Our Solution

Because CORETX has already made the design decisions and commercial investment required, our data centre network services are highly flexible from both a service and contractual perspective, this is because we own and operate all parts of the service, this allows to offer highly flexible and short-term contracts.

Many business customers have very variable but predictable bandwidth requirements; Media businesses for example, can accurately predict peak demand around usage patterns or exceptional events such as a major film launch or Sporting Event.

CORETX DC Connect service supports this by allowing them to consume bandwidth in an elastic manner, providing ultimate flexibility and potential cost savings. Instead of purchasing a low committed data rate, (CDR), and paying a premium for bursting, Elastic Bandwidth allows customers to purchase a port on the network on a standard contract, but vary the bandwidth commitment on a regular basis.

In this way, businesses can increase the CDR for a month whilst running a campaign, but then reduce the CDR the following month when the office is largely closed for vacation. coreTX DC Connect Elastic Bandwidth provides this freedom and flexibility.