Businesses are moving ever more services to the Data Centre or the Cloud, making them highly dependent on network availability. The potential impact of any outage has also increased, the inability to connect to the Internet results in immediate revenue and reputation impact.

A key consideration for all clients within a data centre is security, not only physical security but also against one of the greatest threats to service uptime, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Industry analysts report that DDoS attacks are occurring more frequently, with greater volumes and increased sophistication. Recognising this issue, CORETX has deployed the A10 Networks Thunder TPS, into the fabric of our network. A10 TPS provides high-performance, network-wide protection from DDoS attacks, maintaining service availability against a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource, and other sophisticated application attacks.

  • Largest hosted DDoS protection service in the UK
  • Protection against Volumetric, protocol and application layer attacks
  • Hugely scalable to cope with the largest and most sophisticated attacks
  • Emergency activation of mitigation service whilst under attack
  • Clean port and DDoS protected IP Transit options
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and protection against DDoS over 100% of our network estate
What is DDoS?

A Denial-of-Service attack is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users. Distributed DoS attacks occur where a large number of compromised PC's flood the bandwidth or resources of a target system, denying service to legitimate traffic.

DDoS attacks are constantly increasing in size, complexity and frequency, the most effective approach to counter this, is to address it at a network level. CORETX constantly monitors all Internet facing connections to identify and redirect any DDoS traffic, this allows us to maintain normal service for our customers even whilst attacks occur.

Threat Analysis

The A10 TPS solution has been deployed to mitigate the effects of DDoS across our entire network, working in conjunction with our high-speed detection and forensic analysis software to analyse all CORETX network traffic. We monitor in real-time and can scale in parallel with our traffic growth, our solution is specifically designed to detect and alert suspicious activity in carrier grade networks.

The combination of CORETX network and A10 TPS delivers a total solution both in terms of performance and security. The solution constantly learns and understands the normal patterns of behaviour in the network, when any system starts behaving unusually, both the CORETX Network Operations Centre (NOC) and the A10 TPS platform are alerted and the infected traffic is redirected.

This protects the network as a whole, however, the software is granular enough to allow specific analysis rules and traffic scrubbing services to be delivered at a per customer IP level as a premium service to 'scrub' the traffic clean, so your services can continue to operate normally, even whilst under attack.

Impact of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks can rapidly impact your business, some of the issues that you may face include:

  • Lost revenue: Down-time and slow web page responses may lead to lost sales
  • Brand damage: Negative consequences are immediate and long lasting
  • Competition: Service outages will drive customers to the competition
  • Customer loyalty: Trust is damaged, losing repeat customers
  • Adverse publicity: Social networking means bad news travels fast
  • Financial Costs: Overage charges, emergency fees, new equipment, staff overtime etc
  • Repeat attacks: Are much more likely, usually very soon!
CORETX DDoS Mitigation Service

Our sophisticated solution provides a host of features to detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks with unprecedented performance scalability and deployment flexibility. We support a huge set of features to validate, block or rate-limit the traffic entering our network, service availability is maintained whatever attack type is employed, volumetric, protocol, resource or even application-level attacks.

All CORETX customers with equipment and services deployed 'On-net' automatically benefit from 24×7×365 DDoS monitoring and analysis. In the event that an attack is identified, traffic will be routed away from the core network, ensuring that there is no loss or degradation of service as a result of an attack on a 'neighbour'. This is a standard benefit for all On Net customers, however, in the event that it is your specific server which comes under attack, then this will result in your traffic being dropped in order to protect the network.

The premium DDoS mitigation solution ensures that legitimate traffic will always be delivered even whilst under attack. DDoS traffic is routed through the A10 TPS platform and is 'scrubbed', to remove the malicious traffic. The resultant clean traffic is delivered to your service at all times, ensuring that your solution is not impacted in any way.