We are uniquely positioned to deliver your entire data centre and cloud data infrastructure. We manage everything from the physical facility to monitoring, hosting, back up and security.

The future of technology is unstructured, connected, and mobile; the challenge of physically managing, governing, and securing data in the future demands a fundamental re-assessment of long-held views of best practice.

Our cloud service examines how and when you consume data and how you pay for it. We believe that this will vary according to the workload, application or the business process that technology is required to deliver or support.

Their infrastructure is second to none and has allowed me to spend my time 100% on business growth rather than IT worries. It has enabled us to launch huge projects with customers’ data secure and 100% customer satisfaction through resilient connectivity.

Adam Troman, Managing Director

The future of data centres lies in the business outcomes that are delivered at their core:

  • Understanding and architecting optimal data platforms and ecosystems
  • Managing the data mosaic across hybrid solutions
  • Bespoke apps to combine data for insight
  • Installing pervasive analytic systems