Data centre interconnects provide the ability to link equipment and services hosted in a specific data centre, with service providers, carriers and infrastructure located in other sites

Because CORETX operate an any-to-any network which links over 60 sites together, our customers have the ability to interconnect with 100s of service providers from across the entire network. A single port on our network can be used to reach multiple providers from any location, making Interconnects between sites a powerful and unique service.

DC Connect service

The DC Connect service enables Carriers, ISPs, content providers and businesses of all sizes to access a wide selection of Data Centre and POP locations, giving access to a diverse partner network of Internet Exchanges, Telephony and Cloud Providers, Carriers and other geographical territories.

Traditionally Data Centre Interconnect services are delivered on the basis of 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps services, however, bandwidth requirements are constantly increasing, thus connectivity solutions of 10Gbps and 40Gbps are now more commonly required. Few providers in the UK can provide 10Gbps MPLS Ethernet connections as a standard service, and even fewer can provide 40Gbps circuits.

Our network has been specifically designed with this type of high capacity Interconnect in mind, providing CORETX with a substantial USP over our competitors. All sites are capable of delivering 10Gbps interconnects by default, these can be combined to offer 20 or 40Gbps services with ease and many sites already offer 100Gbps dedicated connections based on demand.


  • MPLS/VPLS Pseudowires
  • All services are provided on MPLS/VPLS Pseudowires instead of standard layer 2 VLANs.
  • Low latency connections
  • With dual fibre ring routing resilience, ultra low latency routes available in key locations.
  • Protected Circuits
  • All circuits are protected as standard, presented as transparent Layer 2 over our MPLS network.
  • Multiple services
  • Customers may combine multiple services over a single port, delivering cost savings.
  • Native QinQ
  • Offered as standard on all ports, so customers can tag their own VLANs.
  • Cross connects
  • CORETX handle all copper/fibre cross connects and cable runs on your behalf.

CORETX DC Connect interconnects are available at over 50 on-net DC/PoPs in the UK, with this number growing month on month, providing the ability to reach over 100 DC’s in the UK through partner network connections and extend directly to 1000s business premises. Partner network connections further expand the reach of data centre interconnects, providing International links to Data Centres locations around the world.