CORETX is your Highway to the Cloud, we recognise that the ability to quickly, securely and reliably access the ever expanding list of Cloud platforms and services is critical to your business. Our high performance data centre network is the best connected in the UK, this means that we are able to connect your equipment directly to the Cloud providers over totally private circuits.

We can of course deliver public Internet circuits, but, in many cases these do not meet the requirements of a business in terms of security, data integrity and performance. CORETX Cloud Connect is a dedicated solution delivering direct private access to the leading cloud providers. This allows you to realise the full potential of our network, by connecting directly to Service Providers in any location, no matter where their equipment is physically located.

CORETX Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute:

Cloud Connect enables you to create private connections between Azure data centres and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment. ExpressRoute connections for Microsoft Azure, don’t go over the public Internet, which means they offer you the control over performance, bandwidth, latency and security. ExpressRoute allows you to extend your existing network directly into the Microsoft cloud over a dedicated private connection.

Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute offers greater reliability, bandwidth and security, with lower latency than typical public Internet connections to Azure. In some cases, using ExpressRoute connections to transfer data between on-premises systems and Azure can yield significant cost benefits. With ExpressRoute, you can also establish connections to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and CRM Online.

Key Benefits:
  • Layer 3 connectivity between your on-premises network and the Microsoft Cloud
  • Circuits do not traverse public internet
  • Connectivity to Microsoft cloud services across all regions in the region
  • Dynamic routing between your network and Microsoft over industry standard protocols (BGP)
  • Built-in redundancy in every peering location for higher reliability
  • Connection uptime SLA
  • QoS and support for multiple classes of service for special applications, such as Skype for Business

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Why choose CORETX Cloud Connect?

CORETX Cloud Connect can be thought of in terms of using the CORETX network to deliver a ‘very long cable' between your equipment located in a specific data centre, and connecting this with a service provider in another location. This provides you with all the benefits that you would gain if you were colocated in the same data centre as the provider.

Cloud Connect is available at all On-Net DC/PoPs on our network, this includes over 60 sites in the UK, with this number growing month on month, customers have the ability to reach over 100 DCs in the UK through partner network connections and extend directly to 1000s business premises.

These high performance connections provide the security and reliability demanded by businesses to support migration of critical business services to the cloud.