CORETX provides smart, affordable, global cloud hosting services designed for customers of all kinds and sizes.

You choose the extent of the services you need and hand select the elements that will help your business be as profitable as possible, both now and in years ahead. We believe this gives you the best opportunity to make your business powerful and nimble while keeping costs down.

We deliver state of the art, business critical initiatives, wherever and whenever we’re needed. 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our Cloud Services allow your business to:

  • Maximise business productivity
  • Increase development productivity
  • Achieve a level of compliance higher than anything 'in house'
  • Reduce the workload for your IT administrators
  • Support your mobile workforce through shared resources
  • Enhance your business flexibility using scalable cloud services
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Industry leading public cloud platform access network
  • High speed network access to partner platforms such as AWS, Azure, Rackspace etc
  • Competitive pricing against the leading providers, with wholesale discounts
  • High performance and resilient VMware deployment
  • Get fast access to experts 24/7
Cloud Services
What Makes CORETX Different?

CORETX has a unique approach to Cloud technology because we understand that above all our customers are looking for choice and the choices we provide differentiate us from our competition:

  • Network quality that can be relied upon;
  • Performance, reliability and security go without question, our solutions benefit from 1/10/40Gbps connections on the CORETX network.
  • High performance public/private Cloud infrastructure;
  • We deploy all public/private solutions with carrier grade equipment in high specification data centres and always in the UK.
  • Totally open access;
  • We are not tied to a specific cloud provider, neither do we insist that you use ours, choose from AWS, Rackspace, Azure etc. available quickly, securely and cost effectively via the CORETX network.

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