Our focus is on working together and developing outcomes that benefit partners and most importantly, the customer.

In today's market you need to be able to offer more than your competitors by expanding your service offering, to ensure your business doesn't get left behind. Improve your profits and enhance your reputation by joining the CORETX Partner Network (CPN) enabling you to resell our products and services.

By establishing joint partner business plans, we can ensure any potential business is maximised and on track. Our tiered system welcomes partners of every size and type of business.

Our mission is to provide our Business Partners with a focused, individually managed program to enhance and compliment their business goals and aspirations, allowing easy access to our industry-leading portfolio of products and services.

Andy Ross – CEO
CORETX Partner Network tiers

We offer several different levels of Business Partner for our resellers, distributors and other channel partners as well as those businesses who simply prefer to deliver referrals. These tiers correspond to increasing commercial transaction volumes which we work on together. As our partners progress through the tiers they receive improved benefits, greater commercial rewards and enhanced access to CORETX sales and support resources.

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