Day Lewis Pharmacy save time and money with complete IT refresh

Day Lewis Pharmacy is a nationwide retail pharmaceutical company, serving thousands of patients. With over 1600 employees at 250 locations throughout the UK. It is vital for them to have reliable IT systems, 100% uptime and a rapid response guarantee from close at hand, skilled engineers when things go wrong.

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation step into the future with CORETX

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation (QEF) is a leading disability charity for people with physical and learning disabilities or acquired brain injuries, helping them gain new skills and increase independence for life. With residents, staff and visitors to QEF wanting to use today’s modern technology, the IT infrastructure across its sites simply was not up to the job. QEF chose CORETX to bring the charity up to speed with the latest tech infrastructure and to modernise its ICT services.

Gaming giant Amuzo deliver faster services with CORETX Leased Line

Award winning gaming company Amuzo, has worked with world class brands including the BBC, LEGO, Disney and Warner Bros., leveraging the power of games as part of a company’s marketing strategy. Amuzo develop games specifically to market a brand, product or company message in a dynamic, innovative and cost effective way.

CORETX connects WDS a Xerox company to secure hosting and International offices

WDS work with clients to build more effective customer service strategies; empowering customer service channels with the knowledge and tools they need to protect profitability and preserve loyalty as they help customers to buy, use and maintain their products and services. WDS achieve this through the use of technology, services and consultancy.

Storage specialist, The Blue Print IT, continue to develop their partnership with colocation provider, CORETX

Blue Print IT is a London, UK, based company delivering secure and reliable hosted services in 1,200 markets across 160 countries to global companies especially within the digital, financial and public sector space.

CORETX’s network helps Securus offer triple cloud failover

Securus, the Private Wide Area Networking company with a view that service is key, took up CORETX services after deciding what was needed to ensure their clients lived the ‘always live’
uptime promise.

Indigo use CORETX colocation & connectivity to free school from old legacy grid to safe and reliable ‘Secure Connect’ managed service

With increasing reliance on the Internet to access learning resources, Queen Elizabeth’s School selected Indigo’s Secure Connect to replace its legacy grid for learning connection.

CORETX provide Bournemouth Hilton with future proof Connectivity

With constantly increasing tourist visitors, a premier league football team, a top University and its new status as the UKs fastest growing digital economy, its no wonder that Hilton, one of the worlds largest hotel & resort brands, decided to invest more than £60m on a brand new development in Bournemouth.

Having selected a prime site right in the centre of the town, with stunning coastal views, they chose perfectionist renowned development company THAT Group to manage the huge construction project of the new Bournemouth Hilton and Hampton by Hilton hotels.

CORETX’s £1m startup scheme enables Fusion to launch South Coast WiFi & ‘Smart City’ updates

Fusion WiFi provides a cutting-edge social login portal that enables easy access to in-venue WiFi, while allowing the venue owner to gain valuable data that can be used for targeted marketing. Fusion make offering free WiFi rewarding for venue-owners.

CORETX provide connectivity for world’s largest sport and music festival

Diamond Sporting Group are the proud creators of the world’s largest sport and music festival - Bournemouth 7s, as well as owning Viper 10 Sportswear and V10 Creative. They were founded in 2008 with a passion for sport and creativity and consist of a young, dynamic team who are dedicated to unfailingly delivering outstanding results.