CORETX is uniquely positioned to deliver your entire data centre and cloud data infrastructure. We manage everything from the physical facility to monitoring, hosting, back up and security.

Our cloud service examines how and when you consume IT and how you pay for it. We believe that this will vary according to the workload, application or the business process that IT is required to deliver or support.

There is no "one-model-for-all" so it's likely that the optimum cloud consumption model will be one that combines traditional physical hardware, an in-house Single Tenant Private Cloud Platform, and a local 3rd party's Multi Tenant Cloud Platform. In other words, a hybrid approach.

With the emergence of faster analysis tools CORETX is able to simplify the process of unlocking the potential in your data systems, delivering enhanced insight into everyday business decisions.

Our experienced teams can help to manage and maintain existing databases and data stores, produce tools and reports on the contents of these data sources and make recommendations for improvements.