Understandably, you've heard a lot recently about the consequences of failing to backup your data. It's hardly surprising that 43% of companies who suffer a major loss of computerised data never reopen for business.

At CORETX we can manage your entire backup offering for you, reducing your risk, restoring your data and implementing extensive failover capabilities so you can focus on your customers. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery is designed to protect your data by taking daily snapshots of the server disks and sending them over an internal network to a local backup appliance.

All data is filed and compressed but maintained in a 'live' state so it can be restored quickly, thereby reducing complexity and an over-reliance on individuals.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery allows you to:

  • Get business IT systems quickly back in operation in the event of a disaster
  • Maintain a local copy of backup data
  • Set file and disk level recovery
  • Keep all your data in the UK
  • Ensure and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Get support for physical or virtual servers
  • Choose local and offsite recovery
  • Access 24/7 phone support.

Our Back up and Disaster Recovery means you won't need to spend money on training staff, freeing your IT department to concentrate on keeping your business ticking.

All businesses need to have backup solutions at the top of their list of priorities. But often, solutions are only put in place retrospectively as a result of a recent downtime or disaster. It's wise practice to have backup and disaster recovery in place for a number of scenarios:

  • Support of business continuity planning
  • Recent acquisitions and mergers
  • Moving to new premises
  • Migrating an office
  • Upgrading of network or storage
  • When implementing new infrastructure

Using state of the art cloud services we can improve these service levels with a bespoke business continuity and disaster recovery set-up and testing service.

CORETX uses a number of technologies to address our customers' varying backup and recovery requirements. We will always fit the right technology to match the requirements and it might be that we deploy differing technologies within the same customer environment as we have found that no one technology protects and restores everything.

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